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A really good one! Make a sequel with different spells, creatures and effects on the character! Also, would be nice to have some filter and allow strictly straight or gay version.

Thank you. I was thinking to make a filter in a first place, but it was a personal challenge to make this game in a week, so yeah, I had to left some ideas behind.

What stops you from developing it further?)


Well, actualy nothing but time. I'm already working on Lustbane at my free time. So yeah, maybe I will make it my full time job some day, and then I will have more free time to small but fun projects like this. To be honest I had spent some time on weekend and made content filter, that I wanted to make in a first place, and a new secret to the game, I just having so much fun making it.

"I just having so much fun making it" - cool, that's the key for success - you should enjoy what you're doing! Lustbane looks fine, but very buggy currently. And broken parallax effect is really visible (at least to my eyes) - further plans must move slower than closer ones, not opposite.