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Hey Awesome buddy @rvros, I'm the lead developer @iftgames, we all love this sprite and everyone in the team suggests use your sprite for the main character, and this sprite completely feels our desires and we badly wanna use this, I'll include a pair of Special .apk download key (of a paid update) for you... But as we are an indie team, so we don't have enough money to donate, but after publishing the game, we want to offer you something, also with donation... 

Nothing more to say than Thank you very much😊... You just made me cry with joy😄


Your fan,


Awesome! Feel free to use it for your game. 

Good luck!

Thank you very much buddy! I will include you specially in the main credits of our game as the Character Designer+Artist😄, please give me your Twitter ID, so that I could include you in the credits😊, hope you don't mind if I add you in our game credits😊

Hey! Just 'rvros' is fine if you're going to credit me. Or you could also link it back here.