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Glad you like it!

I'm currently busy with a project so no plans for now. Thanks!

Here are the dimensions for each sprites:

Executioner - 87 x 59
Fire Golem - 64 x 57
Ghoul - 51 x 20
Ice Golem - 72 x 57
Imp - 50 x 50
Necromancer - 60 x 61
Phantom Knight - 57 x 51
Reaper - 48 x 46
Slug - 77 x 39
Undead warrior - 64 x 36

Yes, you can.

Yes, as long as the engine you are using supports sprite based animation.

Here's props size:

  • Barrel - 107 x 124 px
  • Bridge - 542 x 414 px
  • bush - 63 x 52 px
  • cart - 254 x 254
  • crate - 86 x 87 px
  • fence - 86 x 106 px
  • flower - 73 x 49
  • grass - 76 x 67 px
  • light post - 150 x 273 px
  • mushroom - 29 x 47 px
  • road sign - 70 x 103 px
  • rock - 96 x 93 px
  • rock fence - 109 x 96 px
  • sack - 168 x 93 px
  • stones - 99 x 46 px
  • stump - 92 x 60 px
  • tree - 344 x 442 px
  • tree 2 - 237 x 469 px
  • water lily - 96 x 53 px
  • well - 143 x 164 px

Unfortunately, no.

Yes, you can use it and modify it.

Yes you can modify the assets. You can include the assets to your project and sell it as long as your project is not a pack of another graphical assets.

Hope that helps!

Yes, you can modify the sprites. I'm currently not available for commission work.

You are free to use the assets personally and commercially.  You can also modify them. The only restriction is redistributing the assets as another graphical asset.

These sprites are made for 16x16 px tilesets. Here are the dimensions:

Djinn Bandit: 48x42 px
Golem: 74x57 px
Mandrake: 57x38 px
Rat: 42x22 px
Red Ogre: 73x46 px
Satyr: 68x46 px
Shade: 59x50 px
Wasp: 42x53 px
Werewolf: 73x43 px
Yeti: 73x57 px

Necromancer jump animation added (Monster Pack 3.25)

Alright, I'll try to update this week.

Very soon! You can expect it this week! Thanks.

Cool color palette! Looks really good!

Hello! If you are still having trouble please send me an email.

If it is with the demo project files, yes you can.

Hello, I'm not sure if dpi/ppi is applicable for pixel art but this sprite is 50x37 px. You can just scale the sprite with your preferred dpi/ppi with point filter or Nearest Neighbor (hard edges). Hope that helps, thanks!

Hi, you can visit my page on gamedevmarket:

Hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks!

I'm have a plan to create another player character, but I'm not sure if when I can release it yet.


Yes, you can. Thanks!

I don't have any plans for NPCs yet but might consider it in the future. Thanks!

You can access the color palette in the original It contains the .aseprite so you can change the palette easily.

Thank you for purchasing the asset!

Unfortunately I'm not available for freelance work right now.


I will not  be joining the Black Friday sale this time, I'm sorry.

Thank you very much for supporting the assets!

The restrictions for the free assets are redistributing it as another assets or with larger graphical asset pack.

You can use it for your mobile games.

Good luck with your game!

You can use the assets for personal or commercial projects and modify, but you can't redistribute it as another or part of larger graphical asset.


Thanks! I don't have plans for the next pack yet. It will take some time but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks! I have that on the list but will take some time. It will be not a pack as heroes have more animations.

Hello, you can contact me on this email address: Thanks!

Yes, you can.

Hello, the frame rate for idle and crouch idle animation is 175ms and the rest is 100ms. There's an online texture sheet generator here: , you can just drag and drop the frames you need and it will automatically create a texture atlas for you. Hope that helps!

Yes, you can.

Yes, the assets are for commercial use. Thanks!

Hi, you can contact me on this email:

Hello! Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you can use it as a part of a game template but redistributing and including this sprite as a part of a larger graphical assets(eg. Character sprite pack, tilemap sprites) is not allowed.


Yes, they can be used for commercial games.

Hello!  I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for 32x32 tiles. Because this asset doesn't include the original files, it might be hard to modify it. Yes the character sprite I have works with 16x16 tiles.

Really nice looking FX! I'm glad you like the sprites.

Yes, you can.