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How does one get the 11th H-Scene? (Second Page middle), I am having difficulties getting it on the newest update.

Hiya! In order of the choices given to you, select the following to unlock the last h-scene! (Essentially snub Jilly at every chance and favour Tari)

Choice #1
- "Eh."

Choice #2
- "H-hold on a second."

Choice #3
- "This is a bit sudden..."

This should unlock the missing scene.

No I have that one, Whats the one before that one, that's the 12th, I m asking for the 11th.

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The set of choices I listed above if followed directly lead to unlocking the 11th CG that's in the middle of the second page, a scene that happens directly after you reject Jilly's confession in place of Jilly's scene that's supposed to happen there.

The 12th scene is one that happens after the first encounter with Ruby and happens depending on if you favour Jilly and Tari equally or not, which I believe you have already, correct?

Aye, just realised I made an assumption when you said "last" assuming the 12th . Thanks! Can't wait to buy the 2nd chapter. Will probably do it on instead of nutaku. This time.

No worries--glad to hear you were able to unlock it in the end!