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Lovely game and fantastic to see this on the NG Amiga platform(s)!

Running perfectly fine on my MorphOS 3.10 machine but cannot get it to work with any of my gamepads; "Logitech Dual Action" and (PS4) "Wireless Controller" - any hints on how to configure the game accordingly? Both controllers show up in Prefs, but the game does not react to any input from neither of those gamepads. 

I've tried to specify both [Logitech Dual Action] and [Wireless Controller]  in controllers_mos.ini (i.e. the names that they show up with in Prefs), but to no avail.

Works fine with keyboard and mouse though =)

Best regards, Linus

Hey Linus,

glad you like the game, sorry you are having issues with your gamepads though... As I just replied below to Trekiej, could you also get in touch with me via email (benitosub at