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I know I'm not the first nor the last person to say this; but the "interaction" part of combat reminds me a lot of Undertale. So much so that it was all I could really think of during a fight.

Just throwing in my two cents, but I feel like something should be implemented to make it feel more...unique. Just as an example, maybe offer different rewards for combat vs. interacting. Like if an exp system is added, combat nets more exp, but interacting nets more money/items, or each adds toward a certain essence.

I'm not saying I dislike the interaction, just that it needs to be built upon, to make it more GLITCHED and less like similar systems. I know everything will be improved upon as development progresses, and maybe I missed an aspect of interacting and combat on my single playthrough, but I just wanted to add my thoughts.

We have plans to improve upon our combat mechanics. Quite honestly, we spent the least amount of time on combat for the demo due to time constraints. We will not only alter and improve the interaction mechanic, but we will also improve number balancing, party mechanics, and much more!

Stay tuned as we will release more on this throughout development.

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Glad to hear! And I just realized after making the comment that exp was off the table. Oops

Still, only advice I can give as just a guy on the sidelines is try to make it seem like both are valid options in very battle. Like, don't vilify and glorify one or the other, make them equal, if that makes sense at all.

happy to know you guys are taking feedback from everyone though! Good luck!