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Thanks! Should be fixed in the latest version. 

There is a link above to report bugs, you can report spelling mistakes there! Thanks for the reports!

Nope, will just be a download here. Steam will go live sometime next week.

This happens with a few instances. Should be fixed in tomorrow's update!

Thank you! :D

Oh. Wow!

Two manny too count.

We have plans to improve upon our combat mechanics. Quite honestly, we spent the least amount of time on combat for the demo due to time constraints. We will not only alter and improve the interaction mechanic, but we will also improve number balancing, party mechanics, and much more!

Stay tuned as we will release more on this throughout development.

Your kind words are support enough! If you really wanna help though, spread the word about GLITCHED. We wanna share our demo with as many people as possible!



Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Great playthrough!

Hey there! Thanks for your support and praise. I really enjoyed the video, and am excited to watch the rest of the series. Thank you for taking the time to make a video series for GLITCHED!

-Justin @ En House Studios

The demo includes an extra one and a half zones after leaving Betwixt. If the window closes immediately after the 'Prologue' message pops up on screen, you may have a corrupted download. If the problem persists please try re-downloading and trying again.

Thanks for playing! We are definitely taking more steps to ease progression in the battle system and to also make sure that combat is a bit more unique, satisfying, and strategic. Also, all of the animations & icons will get a complete overhaul, they were default graphics unfortunately.

We've tested it on Mac and couldn't replicate it. Someone else reported the same bug so we are working on it. Sorry for the invoience!

We'll definitely be overhauling that system as a whole. We have some plans for it that didn't quite make it into the demo. Thank you for backing and supporting us! You'll be able to get a steam key as well!

Sorry, new verison must have been going up!

Thanks for the kind words! Are you Lavaawarriot from Danzo's stream?

Wow.... we have never seen this one before, have you tried redownloading the demo? Which version did you download?

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! We will work on a fix and hopefully it will be in the next update!

Thanks for your report! We will have it fixed in the next update.