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This game offers so much more than the average FPS everyone seems to gather around. To me this is much more enjoyable and valuable then some blasting adventure. The articulation alone in which this script was written made it worthwhile, but you didn't stop there. You added ambiance and art which truly brought this game to life. The trial and error style feature of game is ancient, but your unique twist on it has made this memorable. I know I haven't explored all to much, but I can certainly say without any doubt you have created a methodically fair and intriguing narrative. The very font you have chosen is extremely characteristic and wonderfully executed. This is the kind of game I needed this week and I do appreciate you offering it to the community for FREE. Mr. Lukas Gnaur, illustrating and designing this with your team is a great contribution to the indie community. Thank you for a limitless and wonderfully unique gaming experience.    

Thank you for the kind words and very nice video..we really appreciate it and glad/relieved that you liked our game!