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I can't really think of anything to say that Silvara didn't already, but I can't just not comment.

This game illustrates all the things I love about robot/human romance, and it does it SO WELL. Watching Silas grow as an AI, fighting his programming, realizing that he's malfunctioning and making the choice to accept it... it was just so beautiful.

First playthrough I was confused as to how he was able to be so unique from other robots, so I played again and am glad there was SOME explanation. It's important to me that when people romance robots, they realize that a normal machine simply wouldn't be able to behave romantically. The thing that makes Silas so wonderful is that he's MORE than the typical LAS-51. I'm still thirsty for background story though; I'd love to know why his creator made him different, and how MC and Silas's relationship would progress once they are reintegrated into society.