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Ah ok I figured what`s the problem, actually there`s no atacking button itself, to atack with the sword you need to equip it and activate the combat mode to swing it by moving the arm with it`s corresponding cursor( that its moved with the mouse(right) or numpad 8 6 4 2 (left) in the keyboard controls or with the analogs in the gamepad ). The pistol its used with the action button  (Left clic / L2   -    Right clic  /  R2  ) according to the arm it`s equiped (only on combat mode ). The shield its used just moving it to the direction you want. That`s the way the combat currently works, I know the system is a bit confusing so I`m planning to remodel it for the next alpha, adding an option to play only with buttons and keeping the actual one usable if someone wants to play with it but remodeled after making easier to atack with the movement controls.