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These look phenomenal. I really want to learn to make stuff like this. Links to any guides or tutorials?

That said, Ill link you my prototype when I'm done with it. Working on a PS1 era Stealth/jRPG

Hey, thanks Verser! I can recommend this video by Miziziziz, which was what got me excited about this particular style. He's got full courses on Udemy as well - although I haven't checked them out he's not the kind of guy to waste people's time or money so I would trust that they're pretty high quality.

This was basically me finally sat down and learning retro texturing, so I'm not an expert at all. If you're already familiar with Blender it shouldn't be too hard for you. If not, this style is a great way to start learning, as the models required are so low in detail that you can put them together with a few rough shapes. I made the texture sheets for these by using Blender to project and pack the UVs, then I used Photoshop's layer styles to texture custom shapes for each face. This is kinda overkill, and only really the sort of detail you'd see on main characters from this era - as the video points out, most textures in older games are reused in creative ways. If you check out the other asset packs I've posted since, you'll see examples of textures designed for more 'abstract' use like this.