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I reviewed 2 games in this video. The second one is "Everything Is Going to Be Ok". At this particular point in my life, this game was just a little too heavy to digest. However, this is one of the most creative games that I have ever had the opportunity of playing. I loved every aspect of this game (Including all the easter eggs I found)! I hope that you continue to create games like this one. You are truly talented!

PSA: This game literally broke my video capture!


My bad. I understand your issue with titles and never meant to offend anyone by slapping a label on your creativity. Please continue to create content!


lol thank you for playing and making a video! have a nice day.  ♡


do you want your spoonky game to get attention? just throw it into a blender and piss on it! it will be so original and edgy that it's corrupted!