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Loving this! I have a WIP implementation. :)

Do you plan to draw more birds or a bat?

Nice! It's so cool to see the crow moving around in an actual game world, and it seems to suit the rest of the art pretty well too. Everything looks great.

I'm actually not sure what to make next, but a bat might be something I could do. Any other birds you would be interested in? I'm a bit busy nowadays with other things, but I'll try to get around to making another asset pack in the future.

Appreciate it! I still have to code the bird landing on the tree, that will be fun and a real eye candy. :)

Well I am generally interested in adding small critter to the game world. The crow is a great start, and once I am done, I am going to buy the frog pack as well. I think a bat would be very cool, as well as an owl. Also have a wish list for bugs - butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and grasshoppers for some ground level action, although those are a bit smaller sprites. :)

Oh an owl would be nice! I'll keep this in mind, and a bat too. Things like dragonflies and ladybugs are super tiny if I want to keep the sizes consistent, and I'm not sure if I'm capable, but I might give it a go one day.