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How are you supposed to beat the sword when it starts spinning twice? There's no way to fast jump over it, touch the ground, and fast jump again before you get hit.

Hi FungusTrooper, thanks for playing! Or you can try to move away from the boss when it is going to unleash the spinning sword?

And this is the hitbox or damage area of spinning sword.

Wow, I've been so conditioned by other games, that when I see a spinning move, I think I have to jump around it rather than just stand out of range, haha. My brain didn't even notice the short range, it just assumed the beam went off the screen, like in other games.

Maybe for some future game, the "simply walk out of range" move should be some kind of power-up explosion? And rotating beam attacks should be dodgeable if you're fast enough? Just a suggestion.

Regardless, fun game, I'll be watching in the future to see what else you make!

Cool, thanks a lot for the suggestions, I will keep it in mind!