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Absolutely amazing game i loved the soundtrack and the overall feel of the game. The graphics were great and i cant wait to play more to find different monsters. The voice acting was great too and i would love to voice act or be in one of your games but as you know you don't have to. The only problem i found while playing was a bit of lag. Apart from that amazing game.

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll be able to encounter Uber Jason soon! And I wouldn't mind having you voice act a character in a future game. I'll contact you via Twitter if I make a game that requires some voiceactors. :)


Hey thanks for checking out the video i will try my best to find jason it might take an hour though XD And thank you for making amazing games as always :)

No problem! To make it easier, just keep restarting until the game notifies you of his presence. You'll know when you get him once you walk out that door...