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Such a cool premise, with an easy ruleset too! All you need is a deck of cards, no prep or anything.

We told an epic story of stealing back the Star Goddess, an ancient Throne that had watched over our ancestors. It was such a close call, for a while we weren't sure we were going to get away!

Really great fun, definitely want to play again. Such a great heist game with lots of replayability. Grab it for sure!


Guess what, played it again!

This time we teamed up to steal The Burning Soldier from the tyrant Her Baroque Majesty Callixte XII.

It was a very close call, almost everything went wrong. But finally, 3 of 4 thieves made it into the cockpit... only for a traitor to be revealed!

The Burning Soldier got away, but in the hands of an assassin, loyal only to The Burning Soldier itself...

Such a blast, you gotta play it yourself!