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Hey, thanks for the game, but my brother and I played again after not playing for a few months, and I feel like a lot of the fun parts have been removed.

We used to go on desert tower and try to reach the top of the babel like tower, while the other tried to stop him. The only way to reach the building was to rocket jump on top. With the new tower, and the sniper being only there, it's become impossible.

We used to fight in the forest map, but now that map is gone.

The plane with inverted x axis is nearly impossible to control, and impossible to aim at the ground.

The running animation sometimes stops, and we get stuck on our heads jumping stupidly all the time, and the controls feel like we're sliding all the time.


Hey thanks for letting me know! Glad to hear you and your brother play the game, I grew up playing games with my brothers and it was my favorite thing to do. 

You're right about there being less to do in this version at the moment, and the bugs, I didn't actually remove anything tho. I'm rebuilding the game inside of a new game engine that will let me build a bigger multiplayer game. So for a while it will have less features then the last one sadly:( but after a while it will have more then the old one did.

You can still play the old version that you remember here:

it's the links in the green letters, the server should still be up to:) I just removed them from this site because this is my 3rd time re-building the game and having all the files laying around on here was getting confusing lol. Thanks for your feedback:)