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esto podría funcionar, crear un acceso directo al ejecutable, luego agregar este "-d3d10" al final de la ruta del archivo de destino y ejecutar el juego para que no use ese acceso directo. Pero sin las comillas

Hola, dice que necesitas DirectX 11 para ejecutar el juego. Es posible que tu tarjeta no pueda ejecutar el juego, pero tal vez si actualizas los controladores de gráficos funcionaría

I had forgotten about that game mode! haha. And thank you it has been a while I'm glad I get  to keep developing it

Hey it's free

No problem Alex! Haha hope it goes well! I'm adding bots soon too so they'll be more to destroy:)

Hi Alex, Sure I re-uploaded the earlier Sub-Ed versions, let me know if it lets you download them or not. The older versions can also be downloaded here if you're friends want them:

Thanks for supporting!:)


Hey thanks for letting me know! Glad to hear you and your brother play the game, I grew up playing games with my brothers and it was my favorite thing to do. 

You're right about there being less to do in this version at the moment, and the bugs, I didn't actually remove anything tho. I'm rebuilding the game inside of a new game engine that will let me build a bigger multiplayer game. So for a while it will have less features then the last one sadly:( but after a while it will have more then the old one did.

You can still play the old version that you remember here:

it's the links in the green letters, the server should still be up to:) I just removed them from this site because this is my 3rd time re-building the game and having all the files laying around on here was getting confusing lol. Thanks for your feedback:)

No problem, yeah that's my main reason for wanting to be on Steam. I'm filling out the Steam paper work today so we'll see how it goes. 

You actually can host a game now and have your friends join... BUT

you have to:

1. forward the 7778 port on your router to your host's pc's local ip

2. Know your external ip address (searching "whats my ip" on google with give you this) to give to your friends so they can join.

3. Host a "LAN" game

4. Have your friends enter your external ip address into the "join by ip" box

So that's why I want to be on Steam so you can just host, search servers, or join with the click of a button as opposed to all that nonsense lol

Hi, at the moment you can host and join LAN games, and there is one online public dedicated server that I host. I plan on adding the game to Steam in the near future so that it 's easy to host and search online games

Awesome! no problem, glad it's working again.  I made a note of the biplane bug so I should have it fixed soon, thanks!

Hey thanks for letting me know, I don't have a Mac to test so I like the feedback. I'm looking into more graphics options and rendering settings that let you disable features that cost a lot of FPS. I think i'll have them ready by the next update:) I'd like it to run as smoothly as the Unity one did too. Thanks

Thanks man! :D I'll run some tests to find out what might be causing it. I haven't seen it crash on mine yet, do you know if you're on the 32 or 64 bit windows version?

Hey are you on the Mac or Windows version?

Yeah you have to forward port 7777 if you're hosting. then players can enter your external ip to join

Hey! I took it off because I'm no longer developing the game on that engine because it's multiplayer system leaves a lot to be desired. And your're right it did have more things to do in it, they will all be added to the Unreal Engine version, and more eventually. But yes you can still download them here: 

Hey I tried it a couple months ago to and it kept giving me an error. I'll look for some tutorials and try it again tho. Hopefully it works, I know there are actually quite a few players that use 32 bit windows.

I'm hoping to have the Mac version available soon, when I was making the game in the Unity3D game engine all I had to do was press a button in the editor to make the Mac version. But on Unreal engine I have to install the editor on a Mac and export it that way. So far I've tried borrowing a friends Mac but I think it was too old because the editor wouldn't open, then I tried installing a virtual Mac OS on my windows PC but the editor wouldn't open in that. Lol so I'll have to get a hold of a newer Mac I guess. 

I like the Easter egg idea! I'll come up with some:) thanks for the feedback!

Hey Chilean, I think you're right bots would be fun! I've got a long list of features to add to the game and bots are on it. And thanks I'm glad to hear you like it!

Hey thank you!:) I'm glad you like it

Hello Rathe,

Make sure you have these 2 files in the same folder:

1. plaToon.exe

2. plaToon_Data

If you renamed, deleted, or moved the "plaToon_Data" folder it won't be able to run.

Let me know if that helps:) 



No worries it does that for me sometimes too

I think so too, I'm looking into what the options are for having online servers. Thanks for the feedback!

Shoot it works on mine and my friends computers. I would try  making sure your graphics drivers are up to date.  I'm also working on a new  version now so if updating your  drivers doesn't work maybe the new version will work better.

Yeah I'm working on one now, I'm building the game in a new game engine so it might be a minute

Does it freeze when you load a level or just at random? Also you can press Alt+F4 (on windows) to close the game if it stops responding.

Thanks White Fox!

Hey don't worry I'm not abandoning it:) I'm switching game engines so it's taking me some time to learn C++ and the new engine  but I'm hoping to have a playable prototype  soon

I've never thought about it until now, haha. I'd say it's a hybrid

Not yet but it's something I'd like to experiment with in the future

Hey Axeman, I got them back into the game today, they spawn in the levels, and can smash buildings haha. There's still more to do on them like the copilot seat and making them break and take damage. I'm aiming to release and update at the end of the month. I'm packing as many new features into it as I can by then:D

Thanks, Deaudis!:) I'm glad you like the smooth mechanics, it was one of my goals for the feel of the game. I couldn't find a direct message feature on here so I'll just write it here. For setting up the LAN setup I followed a few youtube tutorials, you can find them in the comments section of this video under "Networking:" section:

Thank you so much for supporting too!:))

If you have anymore questions about the networking you can also reach me at

Thanks man:) I think you're right, all those things are on my to-list for the game, in 5 months or so I hope to have all those features finished. I started on the jeep in the last update, it's very basic at the moment but I'm going to add graphics and proper physics now that the code framework is stable. Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey JB! it's a but in 0.17b that I fixed (I hope so) in 0.18b. There should always be an item in the crates. Doe's your menu say version 0.18b? Thanks:D

Thanks man:D

Yeah they go crazy lol. It's not how I intended for them to fall, I'd like the treehouses to fall with them too. Thanks I added it to the todo list

Thanks man, I see what you mean, I just tested it and it kind of blocks your view. I'll try and get the fix done in time for 0.18b

Classic has the ostriches and biplanes, it's a version I had to stop updating because it broke, I'm re-making those features in the new standard pla-Toon so I added the classic until it'll up to speed:) The new one has a new lobby and different levels

Thanks man:)


I think you're right, all those things would make the game better:) Thanks for the feedback!