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I just got into PICO-8 last weekend. This is my first game purchased. I'm so utterly impressed.  I was a 3D guy on the Amiga in the 80's and it became my profession. In the 90's I loved Virtua Racing.  

Excellent work on this!!!

I realize you are dithering to compensate for lack of colors, but is it possible to have solid fill by pressing up and down together to toggle dither vs solid (of course we'd lose the shading).

Outstanding.  Seriously!

thanks - indeed quite happy how it turned out.

I was there during the Amiga area (player, not coder), any 3d production I might know? (DM on Twitter if preferred)

Solid shading: if you have a pico licence, quite easy to try out - not going to add an option as it will ‘hide’ many polygons

Deleted 2 years ago

thanks for the extensive resume!