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Hello! IP address to use is shown in Hamachi itself. IIRC you can also right-click on the user in network and pick "copy IP". So one player would host the game while being on the network and the rest would use that as IP/Address to connect to them.

Omggg, thank you so much :( We will try that tomorrow.  Do you mind if I ask one more question? Because I am not sure if I fully understood.

Let's say we are both connected to a network on hamachi. When I host, the game says I need a port. Now I know what address she should use to join,  but the port? Where can I find it? We found so many different answers online we have no idea what to use :(  And after I host, do I start playing the game immediately and when she joins she'll just show up as a character? Or do I have to wait for her at the starting screen?

Thank you so much for your time so far, I really appreciate it, I am sorry if the questions seem a little silly. Looking forward to playing your games soon!

You set the port yourself (with Hamachi, default should work) and then the person connecting would specify the same port (so tell them which one you picked).

So you set the port on "Host" screen, pick Start (and get a player list screen), then the person joins (and shows up on player list), and then you pick Start to get into the actual game.


Dude, I can't believe it... It freaking worked!! We had so much fun and unlocked everything, and now we can play more games now too thanks to you. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much man!! <3