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I really like this, it has tons of great potential. Dodging bullets is really fun and enjoyable, likely because of the slow moving projectiles that everyone fires. The flying guys in particular I really like. They felt like a really interesting challenge that was genuinely fun to beat. The placement of enemies was pretty good as well, some of the encounters, like the flying enemy on the last part by the elevator, and various parts where you hide enemies where the player isn't looking were pretty cool. There's only two weapon pickups, and five different weapon combinations, this part of the game feels like it has the most potential, so I hope you think long and hard about each new weapon you add in as this project progresses.

There are only two enemies in this short demo, and the main difference between the two is that one can fly, and the other can't. Other than that, both of them fire slow-moving projectiles at you, I feel like if one thing besides the weapons are going to make this game shine, it's gonna be the enemies. I suggest you have at least one or two enemies that deal little damage, but perhaps use hitscan weapons, this forces the player to think about the combat situation they are currently in a lot more, since they now have to figure out which enemies are more dangerous than others, and which ones they should kill first. Also, having enemies that might initially be on the ground, but maybe start flying and swapping tactic to really try and get behind you when they're on low health would also be very interesting to see.

Nice progress, good luck with the game going forward.

Thanks heaps man, that's really encouraging to hear.
I completely agree about the game needing much more weapon and enemy variety to really shine. I'll try to get some more of the gimmicky weapons out for the next demo so hopefully that will give a better idea of the direction.
Enemies that change to different combat styles sounds interesting to fight against and hitscan enemies could shake things up but unavoidable damage might go against the style of the game. I'm thinking enemies like hitscan snipers who lock onto you and blast you after a 3 second charge time or something. They'd have a limited turn speed so up close they can be dodged but far away it'd be undodgeable which would force the player to take cover.

I guess I'll have to try hard to get into the next demo day to test more weapons and enemies.

I feel like you should embrace taking damage. One thing I really loved in the new DOOM is that managing your health is part of the combat. It disincentivised going behind cover. I think having some health management, would be really great with this game, and would also allow you to put in instant damage enemies without the player feeling like it's unfair. If you still don't feel like that's enough though, you can do like Bioshock did and make the first shot from enemies always miss.