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Hey Madguy

I spent so many hours on this demo that i can say i love it. But i won't buy it on steam for more than 5 bucks .

Why i would say not more than 5 bucks? Because i think that, if i pay more than 5 bucks, then i should be able to do whatever i want with the game (not sharing as a torrent, of course) but as least lend it to friends. I often share my games with friends who would not have payed for it. And maybe then eventually buy it and never bother to install and play with the version i installed for them (them is 1 or 2 max). In the end, people who never played the game will end up talking about it. (sold enough Firewatch this way)

Street of Rogue is not a game for everybody, that i can agreed on. It's full of references and gameplay that is made for players who know their way about what gaming is. It's not an easy call (like Firewatch where you can play if you're not a gamer). But if we want to show the people what can be done with pixel and imagination (ur game is pretty clever or that point), then we need to be able to show that those games exist and your's is exactly the good example.

But i can't do that with DRM. and lightest DRM is still DRM. It's not about protecting your game (by the way, you could do something for the torrents) it's about the freedom to share/show/play with.

I hope that you'll make enough for a living to reconsider this at some point, or when the game will be older, or for a limited time event (Awesome Games Done Quick — or Summer one — could be a good one to sell the drm free version on itch for instance -- maybe even a little bit pricier to give to the fondation the GDQ will support) .

Meantime, i really wish you the best, because i love the work you put in streets of rogue, and I hope you dont get any word i say wrongly. I just want to explain why I dont like DRM as i understand that you need to make a living.

I look forward reading what good is gonna happen to your game, and i'll be happy to read any good thing that will happen to you too.

Thanks for reading.

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Actually, the game doesn't even technically have Steam DRM.  You can copy-paste the files from the Steam directory somewhere else if you want to share it that badly.  The game will still work, aside from multiplayer.

The primary advantage of Steam is that I update the game frequently.  You won't get those updates automatically if you don't use it.  Frankly, I think this trumps most intangible freedoms you might have with a completely Steam-free version.

Thanks for letting me know. If i can play without steam running, then it´s a go, as I really loved what you've been developing.

I removed the torrent link from the previous comment, I just realised how rude it could have been. I apologize for this.

I look forward playing again :D