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Thanks for playing! Once I settled on "how do I make "35mm film" into a platformer mechanic , Iwas thinking about successive frames, and how "old film" and the fact that things are not "actually" animated, but are just a series of static images that follow each other could be made into a platformer mechanic. I thought about having moving platforms and you being able to control their speed and direction of movement and making puzzles about that, but didn't get very much from that. Stopping parts of the level by taking some sort of photo has already been done. The most iconic thing about 35mm film seemed to be those film strips with the black bars separating frames.

I thought making "realm swaps" slow and with a sweeper would be a good iteration on many games that do the "there are multiple levels at one, but you can onyl see/interact with one of them". Also, the fact that the frames have a forced direction create puzzles that would be extremely trivial if you could swap between frames at will (like the one where you hang from the ceiling).

I wanted to add some buttons that changed the speed of the black bars on stopped them, and make some puzzles out of it, like stopping the bar in a certain position to be able to use platforms from two different frames at the same time. Didn't have time to put it in.

Mostly I iterated a lot before settling on "platformer/35mm film". Had some ideas about making a 2d physics game where you manipulate the shapes of the 3 and the 5 to solve puzzles, a zero-gravity 3d snookers (cause 35 balls make the perfect tethraedron), and some sort of "cooking" game where you run a "photo-developing" shop (also about 35mm film). I was feeling really frustrated about the theme and started kinda late.

Thanks a lot for playing! You have the soothingest voice in the universe, I love how you say "Raindrinker". Best of luck on your YT channel.