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Hope you enjoy this game! this game is created not to be play but to be enjoy of course. relax! spoil your eyes with amazing view and fantastic piano music

My opinion:

this game is to enjoy the view in my opinion but the view it self is moving to fast, i hope there a mechanic like moving fast and faster not become super fast by a single click and after getting in the station, it became slower and slower until it stop (not a super break that stop the train almost instantly, you can see the rail is moving fast even you have got to station). you cant start your journey to the next station if the rail in the background didnt stoping. i must play it in 1920 resolution to see everything include money (bottom right), i try 1280x720 but the screen just didnt get to right placed (no money screen and only cabin upgrade available to see). by the way, its a minor things actually but can you add more speed to the money addition after the passeger goes down, its ok if it is only 30 pass but with 70 pass the money looks slow. btw the game is great, the graphic and the music is SUPER, its chilling its relaxing, its amazing. GOOD JOB!!!

this video took long time to upload, hope you enjoy it and push that subscribe button :D