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Great game! Very cute graphics! Gameplay has lot of variation and the different enemies work good together, but I would suggest to split it over time rather than having all attacking at once. You could start with 2 enemies and by varying which enemy/boulder appears for a given 'level', and the attack speed, make a really long and challenging gameplay! It also deserves more detailed backgrounds IMO, hand-drawn rock-walls and so on!

One thing, and it should really be the first rule of all game jams: using Z and Y as controls is a poor choice because many languages have them switched on the keyboard, so imagine me playing: x .. right move, y ... left move!! But I did solid!

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Thanks for the feedback, here are some comments if you're interested.

I spend most of my time on the different enemy designs (both game and art wise), great that it shows up. I did test some split enemy attacking patterns, but it was to slow (for me, and a testing friend at least).

I actually spend some time trying to figure out how to properly support AZERTY and QWERTZ, but I couldn't find a way to check if it worked the way I wanted. (I hoped people with non QWERTY would have the habit of checking the controls before testing :P) I think Xbox Controllers do work though, but again I could only test it with emulation. How do  you non qwerty-guy do this in Unity? Just changing the keyboard layout in windows didn't seem to change the things I needed)

The background was a quick 1 minute (20 actually) before time backup thing when the actual thing didn't work. (I think I screwed up a shader). I hoped it wouldn't be that bad, but alas. I wanted to added,  some effects (shadow, like a few others, but also the little fade when turning a LCD on/off  and a bit of noise that old LCDs have). But it appeared I used a new DirectX or ShaderModel on the development laptop xD. That being said, adding some more interesting colour was not part of the original plan

I don't think there was space for something overhead. But given you commented with the helmet changes it's safe to assume you checked. Might again be due to some last minute changes.