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Refine the art of LCD-Games (LED-Games are fine too) or not so short: Handheld Electronic Games! Make a game with one or two screens, which are populated by drawings, not pixels (they are still made of pixels of course).

Here's the wikipedia article:


  • The graphical elements shall not overlap, but for a static, and possibly colorful, background. From the article: All graphics are fixed in place, so every possible location and state of game objects has to be preset (and are usually visible when resetting a game), with no overlap. Illusion of movement is created by sequentially flashing objects between their possible states. Backgrounds for these games are static drawings, laye red behind the "moving" graphics which are transparent when not in use. TLDR: The content of the screen cannot change (only switch to a possible second screen, but it's better to show both screens simultanously).
  • The size of pixel-like elements (i.e. elements that combine to new elements) should not be smaller than the platform elements of Nintendo's Game & Watch classics Super Mario or Climber. Exercise your discretion.
  • Classic LCD-games are monochrome (exeptions being LED-games, in which case each figure must have one color), but it would be interesting how color versions could look like. If you work with color on a LCD-game, make sure that there's an option to switch to monochrome.
  •  The number of buttons may vary, but should fit a hypothetical physical case. Speaking of which: artwork for the hardcase in which the screen(s) is embedded is optional.
  • If there's a 2-player mode, like the Vs series of Game & Watch, the game should still be playable by a single player.
  • Sounds and music should be era-specific, chiptune like. But if you like speech synthesis...
  • All game engines are fine, but keep in mind that easy availability makes voting easier.
  • Use whatever assets you want, the real challenge is an interesting game mechanic; or a retro one.  Your choice.
  • Submit your source code, so all can profit from it!
  • There is no need for a clock!


Vote for the winner. If there are ties, secondary criteria like gameplay, graphics or sound will be used.


If there are at least 10 submissions, the winner will be eligible for a 50€ cash prize...

... 2nd and 3rd for 30€ and 20€ respectively. Paypal and other options will present themselves...

Maybe we will throw in a LCD-Jam T-shirt or bag additionally...


Without promises, we'll look into the possibility of making a real physical LCD-game out of the winning entry, if not now, then in the future. These would have custom printed cases and custom made screens without pixels, so reprogramming will be necessary.

Best of luck!

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