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As I already wrote Brieyh'leai via Twitter: The models are goddamn gorgeous and it made me nearly a bit sad to cook 'em up. :) I hadn't much trouble with the timing for each recipe, but instead I found it very fair without being too simple. It's a fun little hack'n'slash game and it's lovely to see your artistic progress as well as the progress in the development itself. Overall, I had a good time with your Ludum Dare 41 entry and that's why I happily recommended it in one of our compilation articlesabout the jam as well as I featured it in the corresponding gameplay video. <3 Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,


Thanks for being so sweet! haha, I'm actually really happy to hear that you notice my art progress, I feel like with each jam I've been getting a bit better : D Always look forward to these vids, great work!!