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If it makes you feel any better, I have a friend who's a math professor and is also a furry.

Though if we're on the topic on backgrounds, one critique I'd have is that Math and Technology could likely have been condensed into one background as I feel you'd need some skill with math to be good with modern technology. I'm sure you could have also condensed Leadership and Humanitarian into one as well. I read somewhere (the wiki probably) that you did want more layman backgrounds. Some similar backgrounds that don't necessarily require as much schooling but are nonetheless important and require a lot of skills would be some sort of business manager (lower down the chain like retail or restaurant) or running with Naughty Sparkle's idea of an athletic background, a construction worker or a foreman. 

I can see what you were going for in terms of coming up with these backgrounds and how to make it relevant to the game, it's story and making the player more customizable in a way that isn't just an aesthetic. I also understand being too deep to make major changes like combining backgrounds and adding new ones. That might be something more to do when the story and the game is close to or is pretty much complete from beginning to end so you can step back and see what worked and what didn't. If there is an opportunity to refine Minotaur Hotel, then maybe the team can refine the backgrounds. Either way, it's a good learning experience to take if you all  work on a new project in the future.