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oh ok....thanks....i will look into that

Honestly, dude. It felt awesome, like I was some kind of giant jumping across planets to destroy life! I'd remake it but with planets about 50x the size, with tiny people to trample. Maybe some structures that spawn the people.

I'd be happy to team up with you, I know my way around UE4. Also, I notice you're lacking sound, and that just happens to be my area of expertise ;)


I wud be happy to work with u too....i am strong in game AI...wr u from..i might learn a lot from U

I'm from the UK dude, you? Also, add me on Discord if you have it. Same name: irmoz.

i am from africa...Botswana is ny contry...i used to be on Discord then i left

Oh, what made you leave Discord?

my PC had crashed