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I keep getting errors saying, "Binaries for the 'HammUEr' plugin are missing or incompatible with the current engine version." It also says "'HammUEr' failed to load because module 'HammUErRuntime' could not be found" I have UE 4.19.2 and HammUEr 1.8

The plugin should work with 4.19.2 as uploaded, so something might have gone wrong while downloading/extracting it.
Please download the new fixed version and try again.

Can you please upload a 4.19 fix version for source builds?

I'm also having this exact problem, tried downloading again a couple times.

Warning: No filename provided for module HammUErRuntime
Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module 'HammUErRuntime' because the file 'C:/Users/Josh/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Win64/' was not found.

the hammuer dll's are in the plugins binary directory. why is it looking in the engine binaries?