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Hey hey hey! Thanks for your wonderful comment! It always means a lot to Ivan and I to get comments like this// We both love this game a lot and it just feels great when other people do too!!! Tomai is lots of fun, if I do say so myself! (And I'm honored you made an account just to say you liked it!)

We're both really glad to hear you liked how the game played out-- can I ask if you have a favorite character, by chance? (Mine is Burdoc!)

I think the boyfriends ending is by far the most favored by players-- and it's what we usually think of as the true end. (With a little bit of The Lady and Dad's endings thrown in too.)

Anyways-- I'm rambling! Thank you for playing and for your passionate comment! It means a lot to us! <3


If you like Ivan's writing, and you like my art style; we are working on another game over on his account called AWOO that has a VERY LONG and awesome demo out right now-- and is worth following for when the final product comes out, I think! <3

My favorite is Malik! and Yes! oh my goSh I also loved the AWOO demo! It's so replayable and that is what i just LOVE about games! The fact that you can just Replay to get  a different outcome and the concept of getting something new just from pressing the start button again has always amazed me! 

I feel like the TRUE ENDING (the boyfriends ending) WAS THE BEST ENDING.  Not just because I shipped them all three at the same time- but because of the representation and how Ivan(? the writer I think from what you said) carefully crafted the relationship- building it up from the very start and I think that was also one of my favorite things about it: the fact that it was natural.

It didn't feel forced. 

It felt meant to be.

and Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my comment and please do keep on drawing! I love your art so much and I just LOVE seeing the progress between all your past works resulting in your current style!


Oh!!! I'm so happy to hear you liked the AWOO demo too!!! +0+ I'm really excited and proud of AWOO! I have less involvement (story wise) in AWOO but I helped to shape the look of the game (cuz I drew it, haha) and I helped with some personality stuff for the boys-- I LOVE IT LIKE MY OWN BABY. It's lots of fun!!!

I think multiple endings and choices and tiny differences is where visual novels as a format really shine-- it's a lot of fun to just have a flexible setting. :D And thank you again for complimenting Ivan's writing! I agree that the story feels very natural and you can really feel the boy's complicated relationship *nods* These characters and story were originally just mine, but I had ran into a roadblock so eventually I handed it over to Ivan who did an AMAZING job...I'm so proud!

I'm so glad you like my art and my games and AH! Thank you!!! 

I haven't had time to work on my next game (which I have a BIG WIP of) but I do work on lots and lots of comics so I hope you'll check those out too! ;v; <3333 You rock!