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thanks for the feedback!
I am re-doing all the jump heights to prevent getting stuck - apart from gating areas
it has been tricky to get this right
I'll be uploading a new build in a few days that has some of this work done, still a bit to go though, thanks for your patience!

I'm really keen to not have any tutorials, as the joy of discovering things through play is something i'm hoping to provide.
With some more play testing i am confident i'll be able to make most of the game easily discoverable.
I hear you on the evolution menu tho, i'm reworking that to only appearing at the start of each life.
I'm moving the options menu out to a splash screen / menu so i'll have space to text next to the buttons there
there will just be a couple settings in the pause menu, sound / music / controls i think.

again, thanks very much!