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Ransacked is a pretty fun little sneak game. Graphically, it reminds me of the Game Cube days, with everything being stylized and a bit cartoonish. A good thing, of course, especially with the world and all the models within being well crafted and with good art design. And while I've no clue how to get the Legendary Loot, I did still enjoy going around stealing literally everything else in the town. This definitely has potential.

Good job, devs. You made a thing.
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Dude thank you so much for playing and making a video! It means a ton to the team, we are all giddy with excitement. To activate a legendary run you must speak to the informant inside the thieves guild (guy to the left of the initial spawn on a new game). You will get a riddle that involves you finding and using certain items. Good Luck! We are going to work on making that more apparent in the future.

And thank you for making and posting the game. It's a fun play so far. I did eventually find the informant purely by chance after that video, though his riddle didn't help me much.(Not that I won't keep trying.) I also managed to find a bug. There's a cellar behind one of the houses and trying to open it causes it to flip upright like a normal door and renders the cellar inescapable.

We are aware lol, it should be fixed going into the next build. Thanks for the feedback

Always glad to give feedback on fresh works. Also, I finally managed to find the Legendary Loot.  Turns out I was over thinking things.

Yay Congrats! Good luck getting the rest.