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I cannot express how much I enjoyed this game enough. When I came to the end of the game and came across the boombox radio telling me to step outside of myself, and then the credits began. I was hit with hundreds of thought provoking questions as well as so many raw emotions towards this game. Initially I went into this with such a deep reverence for the game because of the disclaimer, but also because of the music. Troy, Brady, Matthew, Nick, Ben, and Sacha each of you added a little bit of soul which gives this game its meaningful ending. I was shocked at how immersed I became around such a simple concept of a game, yet I couldn't help it. It was as if I was suddenly lost in the world you built, and if that monster from Milli's diary popped out, I would have been screaming. I'll say one last thing and that is the atmosphere of genuine emotion you bridge between the player and the game, never did I feel like I was in a stranger's body. It was I who had lost my wife to cancer and perhaps my daughter. You ultimately made me feel responsible in a stranger's life, and for that you are all truly talented developers. Please keep me in the loop on any upcoming projects through YouTube , GameJolt, or because I would love to play, review, and help get your games out to the public to the best of my abilities.  For now, I must bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!