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Thank you for your support and the kind words regarding the details and atmosphere.

I've spent about two years of my rare spare time coding this.

As for the lack of music, you're right that there is simply not enough memory left.

I love video machines from the early eighties, so I tried to get that atmosphere right.

Hence the attract mode, the score advance table and of course the highscore timer.

I also wanted the game as a cartridge, so no disk operations.

By the way, there soon will be a cartridge release containing Space Firehawk (+) from

But if you really need a high score saver: The guys from Laxity have built it into their cracked version, which can be found on

Just turn off the trainer ;-)

Two years, thats some passion and dedication for sure.^^
Space Firehawk +.....will it have extra content (hence the + ? ) ?
Thanks for the advice, I`ll get the cracked version. Since I own the game I can do that with a clean conscience...XDDD
I saved snapshots in Vice to keep my scores ( 26680 is my best so far....), but thats kinda annoying.^^