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Hmm... Let me try to remember. There was this stage where I had only a boat and 3 units I think. I had to conquer a city, like the objective said. Which I did... and—nothing happened. I just quit the game. Oh, there's some (not sure if it's only my impression; but I can tell you I played most of whatever strategic outhere) but is it normal that units no longer climb mountains? Or the forest doesn't seem to limit much movements? Btw, units defense is higher on plain than road—I can understand that—but higher or equal than within a city? I would 'naturally' think it more logical to have have a defense higher within a city than even a forest (well, no more mountains... it seems.) So, when I bugged at that campaign, I focused on Skirmish. And yeah—there was this Island game where I literally destroyed every buildings and enemies... yet, still no end. I thought that maybe it was a stealth submarine or plane. I tried to build a couple to scout. After 20 turns... I just quitted. In C&C the old ones, if I remember right, the Radar does more than just being a requirement, to avoid situations like that. And I think the Random Map in Skirmish has a prob. I tried to Save&Load and it failed. And yeah, you know, when you click on a unit, there is a small screen poping down in the middle. In a smaller map, this screen prevent me to move my unit. Oh, if I may, I'd like to offer some suggestions.

S1) Possibility to remove READY for the computer on Skirmish

S2) In-Game, have the possibility to check some information about General Powers.

S3) Describe in the Encyclopedia how much money earned by those Gems, and Rigs. If not, because each turn, it doesn't mention how much is added, I could not decide if I should focus more on Land or Seas without testing it by building boats... but by the time that I was ready... It was stupid, because my Land strategy would get me a sure win, anyway.

S4) Possibility to played/choose harder level of computer

S5) Never figure out how to erase my MANY saved games... because I like to try different variation of the same map. But then, it's waay too confusing with all those saves.

S6) I suggest not to be able to build on the road. And make it so that the road literally offer no protection while possessing a distinct advantage in speed boost instead. And/or, if the road is somehow destroyed, it is still workable, but will slow down instead of speeding. And maybe add some Control Range around the unit. But now, the movement range seems strangely irrealistically imbalanced.

S7) Some game mechanics are hard to grasp. Like when I shoot a range attack on an enemy building WITH an enemy unit, what's the ratio damage for both? (Building and Unit) In many game, you must destroy the unit first before it touches the building... but here, I don't get it.  Seems the game is similar to 2 great strategic games. People like me naturally have some... 'preconceptions' about how it SHOULD be... If you don't want it to be that case, then better put better explanations somewhere we can see it 'In-Game' to explain those little differences.

S8) Offer option to move screen with AWSD too (while playing with a mouse). Its 'currently' not very ergo-friendly.

S9) Oh yeah, there was something wrong with the tuto... I forgot what it was, but I didn't finish it. I said fuck it. And there's also some prob with the statistic screen when someone overplay... as if number too big is too much of a prob to be shown.

S10) I truly think that'd be nice to have something to save the previous chosen option in skirmish. When someone play a lot... always clicking the same thing is very bothersome. 

S10) While it is nice and all to have something similar to what most knows... I suggest you to create a 'mechanic' or whatever, in the game, to make it more 'unique', 'personal', and 'original'. That'd be more than: "Oh, it's good but that's it." instead, it'd become more like: "Wow! This is THAT... but even better!" Like for example: You could do the exact same game... but now, it's no longer old-fashioned squares. It's hexagones. Or a bigger strategic map, where a battle is just a scale of the 'real' "Eternal" part of the war. Your game name gives a lot of expectation by Grand-sounding it, while I haven't seen it to best 'yet' the original. (Personal Opinion) Just that, changes the whole dynamics. Just a suggestion like that.

Sorry, that's about all I got for now. I didn't really try the whole thing. Mainly focused on Skirmish. I'll let you know if I find more. I like the game, and hope for a much better stuff. It sounds like a lot of ranting, but that's because your idea is very good: combining Advanced War and C&C. But there's one thing you should know, C&C wasn't a turn-based game, there was a possibility to build Walls and stuffs. In overall, I think that the idea of 'MANY' generals is good, but realistically speaking, the game is unbalanced. I mean, I realized that the most pratical strategy to win most of the time, is simply: build soldier, and more soldiers. There's not even way to build defensive Towers (2 turns? When the map is usually big enough, and 3 hits destroy the thing... it is simply a waste of money. In order to adjust that, it would be better to refine some stats of the units, and if the number is too weird, then show some of kind of scale like 10 stars, instead of the numbers. Currently, there's many Generals, but the different strategies to win is very impractical due to movement and game unbalance. The turn number for building is not balanced too. The very useful C&C defensive buildings is very useless here. 2 turns to build them is too long, and some more important building should take slightly longer, to make the game more balanced. You are already very well started. Time to go beyond your predecessors. I hope to see more, and better refined. Thanks for this nice game, I'll wait for the wonderful one.