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This game is absolutely AMAZING!

I reached level 60, and i would have played it even more, but i died :^)

I really love this game, and i hope it's gonna be released in the future! ^_^

Ps. I tried to tag your team on instagram,but i couldnt find you guys


Anyways, I would love to share some ideas/suggestions i've come up with:

-Move the level thing on top right corner, cause sometimes you cant see stuff spawning behind it, when u are in that part of the map;

-Allow players to drop seeds from a little distance (So we dont have to go melee, in a bunch of mobs);

-Water bombs, so when the map is crowded af, and you really can't get close to a crop, at least you can water it from a distance;

- (As another person suggested before me) An encyclopedia with monsters/plants/weapons infos;

-Map expansions;

-Timed/ Limited boosts achieved through some subquests/goals (such as damage increased/the water bombs i mentioned above/invulnerability);

-More subquests, goals, trophies unlocked through achievements;

-More plants & monsters;

-Female character implementation;


Thank you for creating such an amazing game!


Thank you so much for the detailled review and the suggestions, we'll publish a postjam update right after the Ludum Dare is over, we plan to add a few things but the goal  is to tweak the game balancing. But maybe in a near future, we'll work on an even bigger full version :)