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Good work minion, you good promoted.

Also stay tuned something is coming soon 👀

The Mobs Inc CEO.

Well i'm actually half french half italian 👌

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Made by french people 🥖👌

Thank you really much 🙏 I'm glad this game makes you feel that way :)

Thank you very much for this kind words 🙏

Oh nice, congrats ! :D

Hi ! Yeah the game is free to play from the browser. The executables are reserved for supporters ! :)


thank you !

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Thank you, it's motivating to read !

thank you ! i'm glad you like this game :)

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Thank you ! :) Yeah there is some little bugs i need to fix some day !

Thank you !


thank you :) oh this is weird ! never experienced this issue

Ahah nicely done !

thank you :)

Thank you ! :D

Nice job ! :)

Thank you :) !

Good job :D

Thank you very much ! I do plan to make commercial indie games (I have several big WIP projects) but those are pretty long to make as a solo dev so I also release asset packs for developers in the meantime, but yes I hope to release my first commercial game in 2021 :D Stay tuned !

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Nice :D

Thank you ! :)

thanks !

thank you ! :)

mmh that's weird, did you try to refresh the page ?

oooh i'm so sorry nothing happens for now ! i'll definitely add something if someday i update the game

thanks bro :D

Thank you !

Felicidades !

Thanks :D

Haha thank you ! Glad to annoy you lol !

well done ! thanks for playing :)

niiiice :D congrats !

Haha congrats :)

nice job ! Thank you, will do ! :D