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I'm not sure :) I'm working on other projects right now but Mobs Inc 2 will be done someday !

Thank you so much ! It's really motivating :D

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Every 5 levels :) You have to follow the indicator to get your upgrade each time you unlock it, and it restore maximum health

You always start with 2 hearts at the first evolution, you start with 3 or 4 hearts if your character already evolved ! ;) 

Secret for now :)

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Nope :) I still have plans for this character !

Ahahah congrats you're the first person that noticed him :D 

[Added Windows version]

we added the windows version :D

Many many thanks to Dae, GeriBP and Neatwolf for their bug reports, we fixed the game-breaking bugs !

Hey ! I'm really sorry if you were waiting I moved on new projects ! Thank you so much for your interest in this game ! I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming ones :)

Hey no sorry you can't !

Thank you so much for this kind review :D

A red dead easter egg is planned to be added in one of the upcoming updates. 

ahah, sadly I'll fix all the bugs in next updates but yeah it's pretty funny aha

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Thank you for your feedbacks and suggestions ! I'll add that, maybe not in next update because I want to add a lot more depth to the concept by adding hidden easter eggs, game modes, and more content. But after that, i'll add that :)

I fix the bugs and add more secrets and easter eggs first, but yeah there will be download option very soon ! Stay tuned :)

no it's one of the bug that will be solved in next update

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OOOOOOOH i'm so sorry ahahah glad you liked the fishing mecanic and the quest ! I'll might add something for this situation in the next bufgix update

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Sorry this bug will be fixed in maximum 2 days,  sadly you have to restart the page ahah :'( Hope you'll manage to see the ending !

Thank you !

The Windows, Mac and Linux versions are coming as soon as the last bugs are fixed, maybe in like 3 days as I need to take a little break :)

Ahah thank you :) Can't wait to see Matteo again !

Thank you so much for the detailled review and the suggestions, we'll publish a postjam update right after the Ludum Dare is over, we plan to add a few things but the goal  is to tweak the game balancing. But maybe in a near future, we'll work on an even bigger full version :)

Thank you so much !

Thanks, those are great ideas, Well it isn't planned to expand it further right now but I would love to do that, we'll have to discuss about it with the team, but I also have plenty mechanics that I would love to make it a real roguelike game.

Thank you ! <3