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Hey y'all! I'm finally ready to open up playtesting, holler at me if you want to playtest the game and give feedback!

Hello Anna,

I am a Grad student at DU and have discovered your work through our Digital Art History Class,

I don't know how to privately message you but, I would love to playtest your game and also ask you a few questions if you have time? 

I am particularly interested in Queers in Love at the End of the World and Emotica. 

Two questions for each of the games are...

What are the inspirations/ideas leading to each game?

Why did you chose to work in this particular medium and how did it affect the final work of each game?

How do you choose to present these games? Do you ever show in a gallery type setting? 

I am very interested in games and expanding the interactivity of art and I would love to be able to ask a couple of follow up questions. 

I am working on a timeline and would like to know  as soon as possible if you would be able to respond within a week.

Here is my contact info if email is easier, or 

I hope to hear from you soon! I am a big fan of your work and appreciate these conversations you are initiating about the queer community. I am apart of the community and I find that these interactions are essential 

Thank you,

Cherish M.