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This game was pretty good! I kinda felt like there were a few bugs, so let's talk about those first before the praise! Every time I failed or died, the mouse would stop working for some reason and I'd have to minimize/maximize the game to make it work again (running in fullscreen). At one point, the LMB was not grabbing the blankets and pulling them up, ultimately leading to death. Aaaaand the rocking horse monster seemed to pop in multiple instances quite often. Spamming the flashlight fixes that, but I'm not entirely sure if it is inentional. Err, I see you're working on the horse. Awesome!

Now for praise! This game's atmosphere and voice acting was actually well done! In my video, the audio for the voices was pretty choppy. I have NO idea why. Every time I restarted the night, they'd sound fine. It was just choppy the first time. The thunder scared me almost EVERY time it hit. The 'monster' designs and models were awesome. I especially loved 'The Babadook' jumpscare (the closet monster). The mechanics were simple, but still difficult. I love having to deal with uniformity and prioritizing things. I know a lot of people are saying 'ITS LIKE FNAF' - but you do you. It's hard to not do something that FNAF has already done anymore. Thanks for making this!