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Crash - On starting the game for the first time it crashed just after displaying the Unity 5 splash screen.

  • Upon attempting to start the game a second time, it made it to the main menu, displaying it at minimal resolution, I switched the resolution to something higher, mouse dissapeared so I restart the game. Every subsequent start of the game failed, with the program crashing after displaying the Unity 5 splash screen.
  • I noted that the AppData/LocalLow/Monothetic/Beacon directory only had a Unity folder and ./Unity/{local.hexadecimal}/Analytics had two files 'config' and 'values' which were both 0 bytes in size. @Aseaton in the Discord suggested that I might find a log file in the same directory as the executable but it had not been written.
  • I managed to get the game working by using Window 10's comparability mode. Could reach the menu, set a screen resolution. Could start a new game. Could move around. Appears to run correctly.
  • Trying to narrow down which of those setting was critical was unsuccessful, as even with no compatibility settings the game started up. This may suggest its part of some Unity 5 initialization overhead? Or that it doesn't like my integrated GPU? Or that it doesn't like the 4K monitor of my iMac?


Windows 10 Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299

Intel i5 5675R


Intel Iris Pro 6200