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Your game gave me several chuckles, because you played with my expectations of a puzzle platformer very well. You reversed some of the conventions in a joyful way, like controlling the 'enemy' instead of the 'hero', or by being able to move some environment elements around to win a level, stuff like that. That was so well designed and I'm happy to say, that I recommended your game in an article on our blog. Also, I uploaded a playthrough video for anyone, who might be interested in giving it a try. :) Good luck with the ratings in the Ludum Dare 41 with that one! <3

Best wishes,


Hi there, thanks a lot, I appreciate it !

If this was your first try, I must say you did very well both on the puzzle and platforming parts :)


Heh, thank you! But to be honest, I did the first half of the levels before, then I decided that I want to write an article about it. So I restarted the game and recorded my second attempt. :) It was a lovely experience. Keep it up!