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I don't know code, so i dont really know the differences in speeds or sight.... But will people who suck at gaming (like me) get an easy mode?

Hmm, I honestly wouldn't mind adding an easy mode, but the way I'd do it would be too time consuming. I have no clue if there's an easier way for me to add it than the time consuming way, cause right now I'm rather busy with my new original horror game. I could give you some tips though! 1. If Freddy spots you, you have two places to run to to escape him, the first apartment you spawned in and there's a second apartment on the far right near the flower shop. 2. Try to be stealthy, watch where Freddy's going and try to block line of sight with him, don't forget to take the alleys too, they're really handy. And 3. Once you get to the boiler room section of the game, try to learn Freddy's pattern, open the gate and hide by the two stack crates near the gate while crouching, you'll guarantee not get spotted by him when he walks by.

I hope these tips help in some way!