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This is easily the most beautiful depiction of SCP-087 that I've ever seen in a video game. I've always thought of SCP-087 as scrictly a stairwell that never ends. This definitely throws an extra spin onto it and creates a phenomenal looking underworld beneath the SCP. The graphics and models were insanely visually pleasing. The sounds and ambiance was fantastic and absolutely unnerving. This game definitely requires higher specs than a lot of other games out there. The only thing I'd recommend for this game is maybe some graphics options? It'd give it a lot more flexability and playability. As of right now, it seems like it'd drop a lot of frames and lag out lower end PCs. This game was phenomenal. I loved it and I can't wait for the full version (althrough I'm sure I didn't explore the entire demo). Thanks so much for making this!


Graphics options will definitely be added in once I figure out how to do them. There is indeed more to the demo, but I'm sure you've found the rest of it by now!

Thank you! I'm excited for that update lol. Guess I'll have to dive back in, then. I haven't played since the video xD

Here's a full let's play with no commentary or anything (basically to scare my viewers but I figured I'd post it here too)