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honestly I think its 32 bit but im not sure, the game only has an install button, but it doesnt let me choose any specific downloads because its all automatic. is it possible that its a problem with the prerequisites?

yeah ok i tried both downloads...same problem.

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Wait, so you downloaded the game and got the rar file right? You extracted it, and clicked on the application and it gave you this error? If so, then I don't know if there's much I can do unfortunately, as I gave you all the possible solutions that came to mind. Damn, I really hope you somehow figure this out man. :/

yeah, maybe its just time for me to get a new computer, cause this one is already really old and its just giving me problem like this one. Ill totally leave a tip for this game though cause I have LOVED watching youtubers play it! XD keep up the awesome work dude, ill find a way to play ur games :)

Alright, thanks dude!