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Wow, that's so cool that you're able to practice your German with the game! Wünsche dir weiter viel Erfolg mit dem Lernen! :)

Thanks for pointing out the bugs, I'll try to fix them for the next update. The Ecclesia is in the western part of Caelum, head to the place with the little fountain on the upper half of the map and go up to the stairs to the next area. It's the big church-like building  :)


Spoilers Below

I finally finished the game! 

Ich fühle mich sehr traurig wann Masame gestorben war. Ich konnte das nicht glauben!


Final Thoughts

I was really entranced by the fourth wall breaking concept. I believe it really opened up the game to tell a story without having to force feelings onto the player. Shawn was allowed to play the main character and experience his own emotions and react to various events in the game, but since the player was separate from Shawn, it didn't feel forced.

I feel like the story quickly escalated towards the end of the episode, it was probably intentional, but some parts felt slightly rushed, especially when Masame died; he was just slaughtered and everyone moved on from that pretty quickly. Also, I was really confused as to who this Arc character was, he just kind of jumped into the party; maybe I just missed some crucial dialogue, but I don't get why he would risk his life to help us. Was he a part of the rebellion? 

I appreciate how you tied up the seemingly random prologue and created a big cliffhanger with the dream at the end, it really has a lot of potential. I already said this, but I cannot wait for it to be completed!

p.s. In the credits, there was something mentioned about character portraits, but I never saw any during the game. Is that normal?