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I have been so excited to finally finish the game and write this! This was such an amazing, interesting, and captivating story. I'm so glad I found it! The visuals were beautiful, the characters were beautiful, it's all beautiful. 

I'm so in love with every guy, they all have their own unique personalities and traits. But, I think Reksa is my favorite (I do love reptiles a lot lol). I especially love how you used Indonesia as an inspiration! I loved learning about their customs.

Besides the grammatical errors, the writing was spectacular. Honestly, I'd love to play a sequel to the game, maybe, where we get to revisit Loma Village and the characters!

I would definitely pay for the next game you decide to make. I loved it so much. Have you considered putting it on Steam? I don't know what's all involved, but I know it would get a lot of attention there. 

(Rama reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail!)

Hi Eilonwy! Thanks for visiting and reviewing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones thoroughly >\\\<

I see Reksa is still the champ of the popularity poll x'D yes, I think most of my games will have Indonesia elements in it -I was a bit worried about it at first,but I'm so glad you like it!

The grammar error is certainly my eternal nemesis :"D I've been fighting it with my proofreaders since forever, but plese excuse us if some escaped our radar >< 

And yes! I've been thinking about adding this game to Steam along with Bermuda. But we'll see, I'm focusing on finishing Bermuda first ~

I don't know about revisiting Loma village, but there is a cameo of Rama/Mitra/Reksa in Bermuda ;) 

Thank you for your support and hope to see you again in the future!



P.S. Lol really? X'D I don't read/watch Fairy Tail, but Natsu is the one with red hair, right? I think I'll check it out in my free time :'3 

I do have something to ask, though. Is it okay if I message you on tumblr and ask there?

Hmm, how about via my facebook fanpage?

I haven't opened my tumblr for a long time because of internet problem (takes forever to load tumblr!) and I'm usually very active in facebook x')