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I don’t have a backtrace, sorry! I only have this log posted here on Reddit. On second examination (I only looked at the log very briefly previously), the issue is related to stack smashing/a stack overflow rather than a segfault. This happens during a call to IEditController::createView(). which of course ends up calling juce::AudioProcessor::createEditor() for Nimble Kick. Since the plugin uses JUCE I wouldn’t expect any other weird things happening here, and apparently after activating the plugin (in REAPER, where the plugin apparently was able to load the editor) the plugin also loaded just fine here. So the main clue here is that this stack overflow happens while creating the editor when the plugin is not activated. Is the plugin by any chance using VLAs? Or is it using some other huge stack allocated data structure (when the plugin is not activated)? Since this is happening on the main thread in a Winelib application, the stack size is probably set to whatever the default stack size on Linux is.


I suspect it has something to do with the way the license dialog is shown (it's opened as a separate window). Perhaps something is going wrong there, although I'm not entirely sure what. The only way I can see a stack overflow happening is if the modal window callback is being called instantly when the window is opened. Maybe this helps narrow it down? Since this considers the licensing code, if you have any more questions, let's chat via email!