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Hello !

I finally got the game to work. So I tested it and I had discovered a bunch of things. I had a pretty fun time trying to visiting different places. I didn't met anyone, but that's fine.

I know that this game is on alpha state, but I found a few issues while testing it, such as the settings menu don't do anything other than exiting the game and the controls not explained.

In any case, I hope that this game would have a great experience, because I see a lot of potential about it (I have a bunch of ideas popping in my head ^^').

If you'd like to get any ideas and advice about this game, I can give you some, either a lot or a few of your liking. I can also help for finding glitches if possible.

Also, I managed to get to the arch !


Thanks for the feedback. We are aware we have several bugs to fix and hope to release the fix this week. I would welcome your ideas and suggestions. Im glad to hear you are enjoying the game and are excited for the concept

I hope you will share your experiences and ideas of how we can build a more engaging furry community.

Congratulations on reaching the arch!