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hi, I love your game!!! but as I was recording it to put on YouTube, I think my game bugged out. At the part where the little ghost girl makes those roots under the water in the swamp and we can put down stones to make a bridge, it just laid down two stones and now I cant do anything. And my last save was two hours ago. I'm 4 and a half hours into this game. I hope you can help me with this problem!

Nevermind, I went back and speedran the past two hours and it works.


I'm sorry to hear that. :(
That is an issue that happens very rarely and I haven't found a way to prevent or even reproduce it so far. -___-

I hope I get it fixed for the enhanced edition.

Also feel free to share your video. I'm glad you enjoy it so far. :3

Here's the video and a second episode is coming out on the 12th. I did a full play through so check out my channel for the whole thing. I post a video every Friday. Also, I was wondering if my friend could draw Fluff McFluffin in her own style so I could use it as my "creature" icon. Like how Jacksepticeye has Sam the Septic Eye and Markiplier has Tiny Box Tim. I hope that will be ok, but I'll wait on your approval before I do anything. Have a good day!